We at Plannetto are proud of the value we bring to our customers and always strive for it.

The journey we started in 2001 has now emerged into a specialized sheet metal tooling expertise center to cater to all our customer needs in this space.

  • 01 Portable CMM Arm Type
  • 03 Presses Tryout Presses
  • 4 Cranes Overhead Cranes
  • 5 VMCs VMCs
  • 06 Softwares Design & Simulation
  • 20+ Designers Experienced Team
  • 40+ Dies Monthly Capacity of Making
  • 125+ Workforce Our Team

For me, Shriram Handibag being the MD and Chairman of Planetto has always been a remarkable experience. I'm delighted and proud of my workforce for working efficiently to enhance the quality of our services, values adds and also for bringing in new innovations for manufacture of Sheet Metal Tooling products.

We proudly standout from the crowd and with always cater to are customers need.

Planetto has always catered to the clients' needs and will continue to do so.

Shriram Handibag MD and Chairman of Planetto Tolltech Pvt. Ltd.