Design Setup      

We are using esi - PAM-STAMP for SIMULATIONS

The technology is constantly upgraded and the latest technology is incorporated.
We use our expertise as well as leading edge technologies and powerful CAD/CAM softwares.

      Tool Room Setup      

Planetto Tooltech has made extensive investments in new technologies in order to leverage them for improving productivity and quality. Investments have been made in the areas of technologies , methodologies, peoples & state of art infrastructure.

  • Double Column Machining Centers

  • Verticle Machining Center

  • Welding Machines

  • Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

  • Advance Inspecion Equipments & Tools

  • Screw Compressors

  • Overhead Cranes

  • Machanical Tryout Presses

  • Hydraulic Tryout Press

  • All types of Conventional Precision Toolroom Machines